Tuesday, May 4, 2010

moab camping trip

the kids are off track and we've been planning this campout for a while now. we have 20 or so letterboxes we want to find. the campsite is all picked out, right on the colorado. meals and hikes planned. but since we didn't want to do this... or dress like this...
with 4 small children we axed our plans. and camped out right in our own warm beds.
since matt had already taken time off, we had our first annual family day, starting with breakfast at ihop, a couple of hours spent at classic fun center, followed by a stop at in-n-out, swimming at the rec center, and an evening showing of "the squeakquel" with dad's famous popcorn. everyone was so pooped we all dropped off early. (and i got out of washing filthy sleeping bags)
don't tell anyone but deep down, i'm secretly happy. because camping (although i love it) is extra, extra, extra more work for one person, moi. mother nature just saved me a week's worth of laundry


Where The Wilds Things Are said...

I totally feel the same way about camping...I love it, but I am not crazy about all of the preparation and clean-up. Especially when you only go for one night.

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