Monday, February 22, 2010


(mal with her new pet, cookie. mom loves cookie. she doesn't eat, bark, poop, run around the house, chew on things, or make any kind of mess-- good girl, cookie)

She has been waiting patiently (ok, not so patiently) for this day to arrive since matt's december birthday. she's had a countdown on the calendar and been reminding us all this day was coming. And here it is. And she couldn't be more ready.

This year was party year for her and we decided on an "almost" sleepover pj party (as "real" sleepover pj parties don't exist for the mcqueens)
all of her friends and some cousins came donning their pjs for a girly girl party if there ever was one. we had a "breakfast" dinner , painted nails, decorated pillowcases, played musical pillows, had a glow in the dark star hunt, and did lots of flashlight dancing to high school muscial tunes.

there was enough pink to last a lifetime. and one happy girl in the end. it was definately worth the wait!

mallory at six highlights:

-she is a great reader, she just doesn't like doing it.

-she loves anything disney channel related

-she still wants to wear a dress or a skirt every day. we've been through so many pair of tights this year it's killing me.

-she is all about playing with friends, just not at our house. our house is boring and there aren't any fun toys to play with.

-she still is in tumbling (loving it) and soccer (not as much love but we're keeping our fingers crossed as we can see "cheerleader" in her future--i'm sure you all know my feelings on this--no offense cheereleader friends)

-she's a softy. she cries at sad parts of most movies. princess and the frog, cried. cloudy with a chance of meatballs, cried. monsters inc., cried.

-still a cutie patootie with the softest skin ever. i love to nibble her cheeks!